Concessions Kept Safe at the PGA Championship

Concessions Kept Safe at the PGA Championship

When the PGA Championship needs to keep tens of thousands of St. Louisans safe, they called ConnectedFresh.

ConnectedFresh worked with a leading stadium food provider specializing in providing premium-quality food and beverage services to major entertainment and sports venues across the US. One of those major venues is the PGA Championship Tournament which was held in St. Louis, MO from August 9th through the 12th, 2018. With on-site events like this, our client relies on mobile cooling units to keep prepared foods, various ingredients, and drinks safe for tens of thousands of attendees!

ConnectedFresh deployed several battery-operated, cellular LTE-based wireless temperature monitors in mobile coolers to track temperatures and notify staff and administration of any temperature irregularities during the event. During the event and in a post-event review, the client was able to view a record of highs and lows due to open doors and outside weather conditions. Using the power of these data insights, the client is able to ensure that the processes they have in place are ensuring the high quality food standards attendees expect. In all foodservice environments, food safety practices need to be airtight leading up to, during, and after an event. Our clients trust ConnectedFresh to provide this additional layer of security and safety with industry leading reliability.

Beneath the hustle of a live event, our client was able to rely on ConnectedFresh to notify of any changes to temperature, prompting staff to alleviate a concern before it became a potential food safety issue. Why worry and wonder how your operations are executing when you can easily have peace of mind with real-time verification and insights?

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