ConnectedFresh Wins First Place with LoRaWAN Technology

ConnectedFresh Wins First Place with LoRaWAN Technology

ConnectedFresh won first place in a global startup competition focused on utilizing LoRaWAN technology. After several rounds of interviews and pitches, 5 companies were selected to travel to Berlin, Germany to pitch in the finals at the LoRa  Alliance Annual Members Meeting. ConnectedFresh was distinguished by our unique position within the industry and past careers in technology management consulting which allow us to focus on the customer and solution first and always.

Co-Founder Matthias Pupillo receiving the award in Berlin, Germany

ConnectedFresh set themselves apart by clearly articulating their product offering, its advantages over competitors, and their company background as industry practitioners.

Lee Carter, Momenta Ventures

LoRaWAN technology delivers a long range, low power wireless connection and network for Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide. ConnectedFresh has the capability to deploy LoRaWAN on all products, allowing long range and high density communication in environments where cellular, wifi, and other popular signal types may fail. While many signals get trapped by metal and other objects, LoRaWAN has shown great success in its range and reliability of data communication.

Rather than creating a technically generic solution then solving for use cases, our solution was built on a foundation of intimate experience solving the challenge of food waste in the produce industry. Our plug-and-play solution mindset eases implementation without requiring digital or technical skills – our customers enjoy the ease and completeness of solution we provide and begin to see results on day one.

Matthias Pupillo, Co-Founder of ConnectedFresh

ConnectedFresh customers have seen the benefits of LoRaWAN connected products and related solutions firsthand. Get in touch to see how ConnectedFresh can save you time, money, and heartache in your operations while maintaining our mission of reducing global food waste.