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Where temperature records are automated intelligent lowering risk always available more than a requirement trustworthy hassle free

Enterprise-wide view of operations

In a multi-location or franchise model of restaurant management, it’s incredibly important to understand and trust that operations are running smoothly even while not on site. 


With ConnectedFresh’s plug-and-play sensors, remote food safety teams and on-site management have instant and continuous access to live data. This includes temperature readings, historical trends, and instant notifications to key team members based on temperature fluctuation outside of intended range. 


Franchisees can enjoy remote operations access to multiple restaurants for their team while the parent company can monitor and reduce risks to the brand across all locations.

ConnectedFresh Dashboard

Additional Features



Temperature tracking is a completely manual process, with little or no verification of authenticity or traceability for auditing or regulatory requirements

Real Time

Lack of real time understanding of operational health and status unless physically at location 


Issues that arise are a surprise - product loss and safety concerns due to temperature fluctuation are a high risk



Temperature is automatically tracked at set intervals throughout the day, notifying designated team members of potential risk as it occurs

Real Time

In a unified dashboard, enterprise operations are shown to be running smoothly or will highlight deviations from set normal thresholds


Set and forget – notifications are delivered in a timely manner when they are needed so designated team members can focus on serving paying customers 

How ConnectedFresh Solves Enterprise Wide Challenges

Case Study


A US-based national fast food chain relied on manual temperature recording for all of its distributed locations. However, some team members designated for temperature logging were not diligent about checking temperatures and the daily temperature logs became untrustworthy and unverified. 

A competitor had several food safety incidents which sickened customers, enduring significant losses due to incident response costs including food waste, closure and retraining, and diminished customer loyalty. Overall brand image nationally was tarnished after being associated with unsafe food safety practices.


Together with ConnectedFresh, a pilot was created to automatically track temperatures and notify key team members and management if any temperature deviations occurred. ConnectedFresh sent pre-configured sensor kits to targeted stores – team members only had to plug in the gateway and turn on the sensors. 


An enterprise-wide dashboard was immediately available to showcase current temperatures, set notification thresholds, and view all historical records.


An initial successful pilot program received great feedback and the solution was expanded. Food safety management had a centralized view of current operations across stores with automated reporting of at-risk locations. Area and on-site managers could receive notifications when temperature deviation was at risk, prompting proactive maintenance of coolers and resolving temperature challenges before they became an issue.

A map with all restaurants allowed the food safety team to view and click in to all locations nationally.
Key team members were set up with automatic notifications to warn of temperature risk before it became a real-time issue.
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