Implementing A Temperature Monitoring Solution is A Headache

Tailored Solutions Made Easy

1) Assessment

Let's understanding your environment and needs, then tailor a solution for you and your team

2) Prepration

Your sensors and dashboard are pre-configured by our solutions team prior to shipment

3) Delivery

Simply plug in the gateway and turn on your sensors - data is already flowing and ready to go!

4) There's No step 4

Everything is already in motion - you'll receive alerts when out of range and can view all temperature data right in your portal

Wait... that's great... but how does it actually work? what hardware do I need? are you using WiFi? Is that safe? how long does the battery last? do you have network requirements?


Sensors collect Information

Small, wireless low power sensors collect temperature information, encrypt it, and send via radio frequencies (LoRaWAN) to a gateway device. This prevents devices from connecting directly to your network using a protocol like WiFi, which poses a huge security risk.

A Gateway sends it securely to us

The gateway device listens for the sensor data, further encrypting it as it sends it to the ConnectedFresh Cloud. Plug the gateway in to your router using a standard (and included) Ethernet cord.

24/7 online monitoring & Alerts delivered to you

Data is available in real time on your customized dashboard, allowing you to view and download a chosen time period, any time. Notifications and alerts are delivered to you by email and/or text message. That's it!

There are many applications where a sensor can be placed

Walk In Refrigeration and Freezers
Low Boys
Reach-In Cabinets
Meat Cases
Display Cases


Your devices are shipped pre-configured. When you get them, you turn them on and they immediately start looking for the gateway device.


The gateway device, which is connected to the internet via an included ethernet cable, sends the data to the ConnectedFresh cloud for you to view. 


You have 24/7/365 access to your data and trends, in addition to round-the-clock notifications and alerts of temperature deviations from your set thresholds.

Well they’re pretty nifty looking. But more importantly they utilize an emerging technology called LoRaWAN. LoRa is an extremely low power and long range radio frequency network. This means that in most environments we can deliver connectivity between sensor and gateway without any hassle of devices connecting directly to the internet (this is dangerous and makes our cybersecurity senses hurt – something your IT department and us have in common). 


Instead, our rugged devices last 5-10 years on a single charge and have the capability of transporting information super long distances at set intervals of your choosing.

No it wasn’t. Our devices utilize the power of LoRaWAN technology, delivering long range radio frequency connectivity with an extremely low power output. The devices are rated for 5-10 years of use on one charge but are dependent on the following criteria:


  • Temperature – lower temperatures yield less battery life, so your freezer battery will run out sooner than your refrigerator battery that will run out sooner than your room temperature battery.
  • Ping rate – how often the device wakes itself up, records the temperature, and transports it to the gateway and on to the internet. You control the ping rate during setup and we have a ton of flexibility based on your use case.


TL;DR if it’s chilly and awake a lot, the device doesn’t last as long as it would sleeping in on a Hawaiian vacation.

We do not. Our team works with manufacturing leaders in the LoRaWAN space to deliver flexible solutions to deliver top notch products at an extremely affordable rate. Our hardware warranty policies follow the manufacturer’s but we are more than happy to support after implementation. If you are having any issues with your sensors or have any more questions, just drop us a line at


We are NOT a delivery-and-see-ya-later type of company.

We can work with most any device on the market through integrations. Let’s chat and see what you already have!

Your sensors encrypt the data before sending it to the gateway.


The gateway encrypts the data further before sending it to the internet.


The dashboards are encrypted with individual logins for your team members who need access.


No other customers, spies, or friends who ask for your WiFi password are allowed in during any part of the data transmission.

Put down the gloves, we promise we’ve thought about this a ton.


WiFi sensors are incredibly vulnerable to malicious infiltration into your network. We use LoRaWAN.


While the devices themselves do not connect to your network, the gateway does. The gateway connects via an included ethernet cable but does not transmit any unencrypted data. If you do not have ethernet available, we have other methods.


If you have challenges with any devices connecting to any part of your network, we’ve got you covered. We can use a cellular gateway – you will have some low data costs but nothing will touch your network at all.

WHAT DID YOU DO?! Just kidding, we’re here to help. You can always reach us by phone or email ( and we’ll help to diagnose the issue.


If you soaked it in acid, let it slip out of your pocket while skydiving, or shot it up to outer space and can’t find it anymore, let’s chat. We’d love to hear the story and (more importantly) help you out with a new one at a very reasonable rate. If there are factory defects with your device, we’ll help you out within the limits of the manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s incredibly simple. In your dashboard that shows your live and historical data, you’ll be able to set the threshold to whatever works best for you. That means if you have tomatoes in your cooler one day and strawberries the next day, you can adjust the temperatures as often and pain free as you’d like.


All you need to do is access your dashboard at

For you? Anything. We’d be more than happy to show you around. Schedule a demo with us! 

Trust, and verify – we won’t take it personally. 


Our entire team is made up of ex-Deloitte, Siemens, SAP, and other reputable companies – we have years of experience designing and creating large IoT (Internet of Things) hardware and software projects for Fortune 100 companies and started this one as a passion project after we heard about how much food becomes waste or unsafe due to temperature related issues. 

We even thought of that! The answer lies with our team who is more than happy to help – visit our contact page or drop us a line at

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