How It Works (draft)

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Solving Your Challenges

Customizing Your Solution

Everyone has different needs when it comes to cold chain, whether you're storing product for months at a time, in transit, or only moments before it hits your customers' hands.

Understanding What You'll Need

Sensors and Gateways

Sensors collect the data and transmit it to a Gateway, which pushes the data to the ConnectedFresh platform over the internet. The Gateway is a performance beast - it can be used to connect 500+ sensors at once, given those sensors are within range. For sensors that are out of range (i.e. different parts of a stadium or venue, multiple restaurants or facilities, or a solution in transit), an additional gateway may be needed.

Technology Assessment

How Many of What?

Typically, one sensor is needed per environment. For example, if you are looking to outfit 5 coolers at one location with temperature monitoring sensors, you would need one Gateway and 5 sensors, each in a separate cooler. For large environments or additional functions (i.e. door open/close sensor, water sensor), more sensors may be needed. IT Infrastructure Note: If your network if monitored or secured by an IT organization, you may need to request them to ``open a port`` to allow the Gateway to transmit your sensor data over the internet. Alternatively, a Cellular Gateway with cellular signal coverage can circumvent these requirements and transmit sensor data directly to the ConnectedFresh platform via the cellular provider.

Implementing The Solution

Self Serve or ConnectedFresh Services

ConnectedFresh is designed for installation ease. If you are comfortable with your assessment of what you need, order your products straight through our website and we'll ensure it's ready to plug-and-play. We'd be more than happy to help assess your needs - feel free to contact us! Want to forget the details and just have it done? ConnectedFresh Services can design and install the solution for you, minimizing effort and ensuring a professional and successful launch.

See The Data

Configuring Your Dashboard

A dashboard will be created special for you, allowing you to visualize your sensors and products in real time, securely and confidentially.

Take Action With Notifications

Generate Thresholds For Change Notification

The ConnectedFresh platform is designed to run in the background. With notifications enabled, ConnectedFresh will automatically email or text you when you need to be alerted.

Expanding With ConnectedFresh

Extremely Simple Scalability

ConnectedFresh's products are designed to scale easily and efficiently. Adding a new sensor is as simple as purchasing, placing, and linking to your existing Gateway. Additional sensor functions (i.e. temperature, open/close door, and water/moisture) can simply integrate with your existing Gateway.

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