Independent Kitchens

Where temperature records are automated ready for inspection always available lowering risk hassle free

Focus on your customers, not worrying about your product

Did I close the fridge door as I left?

How do I know nothing happened overnight?

Will everything be intact when I come back in the morning?

Am I ready for a surprise inspection?

As an independent restaurant or kitchen, there are dozens of tiny details to be paying attention to every day – don’t let temperature be one of the things you worry about most. 


Fridges break, people leave doors open, plugs get knocked out… things happen. ConnectedFresh will notify you if and when temperatures go out of safe or intended range, so you can act swiftly.

ConnectedFresh Dashboard

This Solution Will Save You Money.

How much? It depends. Stored product value, efficiency gains, and likelihood of failure are all factors to just how much you’ll save.

Stored Product Value

Storing high value wine and meats yield a very different loss scenario than a crate of tomatoes. However, any combination of products can put the health and freshness of your entire inventory at risk.

If a cooler is mistakenly turned off, the door is left open, or the unit itself fails, your products inside can become completely unusable or worse, a food safety risk to your customers.

Efficiency Gains

Writing down temperature readings multiple times a day is a practice of the past. It's time consuming, unverified, and a liability if the task slips through the cracks.

It is common practice across all temperature controlled establishments to take temperature readings multiple times a day.

Liklihood of Failure

Refrigeration equipment can fail - it's a recurring issue for establishments everywhere. Compressors can lock up, doors can be left open, and equipment can lose power.

Anyone who has walked in to an establishment after an equipment problem knows how much time, effort, and money it can cost. Loss of profit, loss of product, and time to replenish lost inventory and restore operations are huge factors.

Questions to ask
If you lost your entire cooler, how much would that product cost you?
What better things can your team be doing rather than logging data by hand?
What could you stand to lose if your equipment failed at the wrong moment?



Temperature tracking is a completely manual process, with little or no traceability for auditing or regulatory requirements

Real Time

Lack of real time understanding of operational health and status unless physically at location 


Issues that arise are a surprise - product loss and safety concerns due to temperature fluctuation are a high risk



Temperature is automatically tracked at set intervals throughout the day, notifying designated team members of potential risk as it occurs

Real Time

In a 24/7 accessible dashboard, operations are shown to be running smoothly or will highlight deviations from set normal thresholds


Set and forget – notifications are delivered in a timely manner when they are needed so team members can focus on serving customers 

Case Study


A local Spanish restaurant is closed every Monday, giving their staff and owners a day off from serving their customers. But they never really felt like they had the day off. On more than one occasion, they came in on Tuesday morning to issues with their walk in refrigerator or freezer. A fridge would be dripping inside or frozen product would have significant freezer burn. 


At the end of the day, the kitchen team was never able to trust if the food in the fridge or freezer was safe – what if they returned the next day and it had all gone bad, or worse – what if the power went out and product had gotten too warm, and then frozen again when the power came back on?


Were they serving safe product? 


They installed ConnectedFresh’s pre-configured sensors with ease and could automatically track temperatures and notify key team members if any temperature deviations occurred. They could now view their operations remotely at any time and acting before it became an issue. 


A day off actually became a day off. There was no need to run back to make sure the door was closed or check on any product. 


2.5 months after the solution was implemented, they were notified that temperature in 2 of 3 coolers was rising. They went down to the store and found that the circuit breaker had tripped and the refrigerators hadn’t kicked back on. They were able to reset the circuit breaker and move the product to another refrigeration unit while the original ones cooled back down.


Fortunately, they were able to save all of their product and were ready and serving customers the next day. 

Restauranteurs can unplug and relax on days off, knowing that automatic notifications will warn of temperature risk before it becomes a reactionary crisis.
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