Restaurant and Catering (draft)

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Restaurants and Catering businesses have specific needs. At ConnectedFresh, we understand that as a restaurant owner you need to drive revenue up and keep cost low. Using our sensor technology, ConnectedFresh can help you do both! Contact us today for a demo or shop online to add sensors to your ConnectedFresh gateway.

Reduce Spoilage and Waste

Receive real time alerts via SMS text, email or voice call if a cooler's temperature is outside of its nominal range.

Peace of Mind

Receive real-time status updates for your restaurant or catering location. Breathe easier knowing that everything is running smooth

Earn More Revenue

Learn more about your customers. Answer key questions like, How many people are in the restaurant? Where are they sitting? How long people stand in line

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Keep lines and waiting times shorter by understanding where everyone is in your restaurant and how long they are spending there

Temperature Analytics

At ConnecctedFresh, we are working on using Artificial Intelligence to look for patterns and make your business better and easier to operate.

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If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.
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Employees at restaurants, both fine dining and quick service, have many challenges when monitoring and maintaining cold product storage.

  1. Employees need to focus on customer service. Their primary concern is to make quality food and meet or exceed guest expectations. This make training them on facility  monitoring a challenge because it outside of their primary missions.
  2. Letting the managers do it, means taking time away from regular operations. Restaurant manager has great skill at customer service, cooking and managing people, but how many can change a refrigeration line on a walk in cooler? The right people need to be notified if there is an outage.
  3. Even with proper training, the staff is often not at the restaurant 24 ours a day. If there was an equipment failure that occurred over night, the starting staff would have no notification that the event happened.

Restaurants need to demand  monitored Supply Chain

Right or wrong, the customer is going to blame the person they bought the food from, no matter where in the supply chain the temperature damage occurred. A restaurants liability starts when the food is delivered to them. Restaurants need to demand the accurate and up to date temperature readings are available for all fresh produce and food brought into their restaurants.

Demand ConnectedFresh suppliers

With ConnectedFresh restaurants will be able to verify the temperature of all product before taking possession. This simple action with help protect your valuable brand image and reputation.