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Where environment condition records are automated intelligent lowering risk always available more than a requirement trustworthy hassle free

Real Time monitoring for you and your customers

Whether you’re storing customers’ product or your own, it’s important to understand and trust that operations are running smoothly even while not onsite. The age of walking around with a clipboard writing down temperatures and other environmental conditions is over.


With ConnectedFresh’s plug-and-play sensors, remote teams and on-site management have instant and continuous access to live data. This includes sensor readings, historical trends, and instant notifications to key team members based on temperature fluctuation outside of intended range.


Reducing risk through automatically and continuously monitoring product gives both you and your customers peace of mind knowing that product is held at specific conditions and any deviations will notify team members with time to act. From produce to fine wines, ConnectedFresh is here for you.


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Success Story with @Bythestem

Casleah Herwaldt is a Certified Sommelier with multiple experiences in the industry. This includes being a floor sommelier for a Michelin Star chef and hosting sold out events throughout Napa, CA. Casleah runs virtual wine tastings, reps a NZ winery as a Brand Ambassador has a lively and exciting instagram @bythestem as well as an educational and resourceful blog Casleah recently launched her own wine label Casleah Wines. 


“I have a growing collection of wine and a large 150 bottle wine fridge that I found for a steal of a price on Facebook marketplace. After experiencing Connected Fresh for a few months, I discovered that my beloved wine fridge runs about 5 degrees warmer than the display says. As a wine professional, you know how important proper wine storage is. I was very upset to discover this! Luckily, Connected Fresh came to my rescue and I am confident that my wines are stored at the proper temperature now.

I would recommend this product for anyone with a wine collection. Warehouses, cellars, and wine fridges would benefit from this technology to ensure the wine is protected. If you are a private cellar manager this would be a very beneficial tool to suggest to your clients. This product is very easy to set up and manage. I love knowing that I will be alerted if my precious bottles are not safe!

Casleah Herwaldt @ByTheStem



Environment condition tracking is a completely manual process, with little or no verification of authenticity or traceability for auditing or regulatory requirements

Real Time

Lack of real time understanding of operational health and status unless physically at location 


Issues that arise are a surprise - product loss and safety concerns due to environment conditions fluctuation are a high risk to you and your customers' product



Sensors automatically track conditions at set intervals throughout the day, notifying designated team members of potential risk as they occur

Real Time

In a unified dashboard, enterprise operations are shown to be running smoothly or will highlight deviations from set normal thresholds


Set and forget – notifications are delivered in a timely manner when they are needed so designated team members can focus on serving paying customers 

How ConnectedFresh Solves Enterprise Wide Challenges

Case Study


A high value wine distribution facility relied on manual temperature and humidity tracking for all of its storage units. This facility would receive shipments of wine and hold them as a warehousing service until they reached stores, markets, and other distribution paths.


To ensure that customers’ product was properly cared for, team members would walk around the facility multiple times a day, writing down temperature and humidity readings on a clipboard. These logs met the requirement to their customers of maintaining operations, but were not digitized or validated – there were some instances of these logs being filled out after the fact without walking around, and were sometimes seen being filled out ahead of time.


Looking to bring in more high value customers by positioning themselves as technology-forward and trustworthy storage partner, this facility was looking for a technology solution to monitor its customers’ products.


Partnering with ConnectedFresh, a pilot program was created to enable automatic tracking of temperature and humidity of specific high-value storage areas. Optimal temperature and humidity limits were set and notifications were sent to key team members and management if any deviations occurred. ConnectedFresh sent pre-configured sensor kits – the facilities team only had to plug in the gateway and turn on the sensors and they were up and running.


A facility-wide dashboard was immediately available to showcase current temperatures and humidity levels with the ability to set notification thresholds and view all historical records at any time. Additionally, team members could very simply pull temperature records upon customer request to showcase transparency and validation.


An initial successful pilot program received great feedback from both facility team members and customers who received the benefit of additional transparency and validation of their product safety.


The solution was expanded within the facility and monitoring provided by ConnectedFresh is now used as a differentiator to gain new customers. They have already had some customers expand their business after learning about the additional care and investment from this facility to protect their product.


Concurrently, management and onsite team members have a centralized view of current operations across the facility with automated reporting of areas at-risk. Area and on-site managers receive notifications when temperature or humidity deviation was at risk, prompting proactive maintenance of coolers and resolving challenges before they became issues ultimately impacting their customers.

Key team members were set up with automatic notifications to warn of temperature risk before it became a real-time issue.
A map with all warehouse locations can be enabled to allow product safety teams to view and click in to all locations.
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